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Bar Stool Articles

Posted on 17th Jul 2010 @ 3:12 PM

Bar Stool Articles

The perfect bar stool for entertaining your guests.

If you are a very social person, bar stools are perfect for relaxing in whilst enjoying a casual drink with friends. We have so many different styles, including simple designs with solid or padded seats, and those with arms and backs.Other bar stools can be covered with durable fabrics in your choice of colours and designs, to match your existing décor and furniture. Pvc and leather bar stools are other popular options to consider, when choosing your perfect bar stool.

You may prefer to buy stools with detachable cushions ideal for keeping clean and looking new. 
When deciding to buy your perfect bar stool, remember to measure the space available, to ensure a perfect fit. Bar Stools should be the right height, so they are comfortable  and sturdy to sit in, with enough leg space, but also near enough to the counter top for easy access and easy to maneover. For instance, try and have a gap of around 10” between the bar stool and worktop. Think about how you position your stools and make sure  enough space is left between them  for people to be able to move easily.The rotating bar stools can work well  for this, as they are great for providing more space.
World Of Barstools pride themselves in having a huge range of different bar stools to decide on, and when look at the prices elsewehere its not hard to see why we are market leaders!

Bar Stools as a present..

How hard can it be picking wedding, anniversary gifts for both of a couple to like, a house warming or any occasion that warrants giving a gift can be stressful if you don't know what the person or people celebrating want or need.

Wedding Gifts

Most couples who get married will move and set up a new home together. Using what you know about them and the things they already have, you can choose our bar stools easily as a gift. Getting bar stools as a wedding gift would help the newly married couple begin their life together with an attractive, retro seating option for their new home.

Anniversary Gifts

As the family grows and common friends are made, the social life can increase and require more seating, possibly in a small space. Barstools as an anniversary gift is a wonderful and thoughtful idea. Even if there is no breakfast bar, there is usually the availability of using a counter for seating in most homes. A bar stool set could make a huge difference in the amount of entertaining a couple, family or friends.

A Bar Stool Set for House Warming

When someone moves into a new home or flat, , it's nice if there is some new furniture to move in as well. Giving our bar stools as a house warming gift is a wonderful idea. These will add extra seating for entertaining and will create a welcoming atmosphere.

You could even go as far as giving our exciting range of bar stools as a birthday present to someone who is maybe moving out or wants to update their current home.

Our bar stools come in a wide range of bar stools wide range of styles and colours and we will have something for everyone.

Bar stools with or without arms

More often than not, having arm rests on a stool, such as our roma bar stools,  is a must for the majority of people.For the some of our customers, its the extra comfort and having somewhere to place their arms, but it is also true to say  that having a bar stool with no arms can be practical also.Stool without armrests can be easily placed under worktops, and will get less damage than those without. The thing to beware of is that once armrests are placed on a bar stool the width of it will substantially grow, therefore it is imperative that you have the extra space to fit all the stools you require around the area in which they will stay. 

Bar stools with arms will generally have a width of 60 cm plus, another example of this is our sorrento bar stool, whereas other stools without arms  they will have a general width of around 40cm plus. Therefore, if you are purchasing a stool with arms it is reccommened to firstly measure the bar or work top surface, where you want to put your bar stools and then divide that length by the amount of barstools you intend to buy. This will then give you a good idea of how wide the seat of th barstool should be that you are searching for.You must also bear in mind that in between the stools you will probably require extra space to swivel on the stools and for getting  inbetween them, it is therefore recommended to give a minimum space of 10cm between each pf the stools to give you ample space to do this.

Advantages of Gas lift than Static Bar stools.

Gas lift bar stools have one major advantage than static – they’re adjustable. They can be adjusted to pretty much any height necessary, within reason, meaning that you can have your bar stool to perfectly match the height of the table, bar or counter top that you want to use it for.

This compared to a static bar stool which if brought you can either be left with a bar stool that is either too short or too tall for your desired counter etc.

 The gas lift type of bar stools can be an even bigger advantage in cases where you might want to use your bar stool in more than one place, as it can be transferred from table to table and will always be able to perfectly match the height of each one. This also makes adjusting to different members of family and friends a lot easier, so everyone can sit and enjoy the bar stools comfortably.

As for static bar stools they are normally fitted for one certain place in the home so you may have problems moving them around the home.

 At worldofbarstools.com our range of contemporary and stylish bar stools are made with the gas lift mechanism which will make them well worth considering for anyone. 

Our Bar Stools

When most people think of a bar stool, they think of the typical wooden style bar stool usually found in a pub.At World of Barstools, when we think of a bar stool, we think of fashionable, modern designs, even a statement piece of furniture for the home.The barstool craze is huge and set to continue to grow. At the moment, money is tight so rather than moving house, people are looking to update their homes, whether it is a lick of paint or a new kitchen. And we can help with this.World of Barstools invest a lot of time searching the globe to offer our customers the biggest range of bar stools at the very best prices. So if you have recently updated your kitchen and the breakfast bar is missing something, look no further. Our range of kitchen bar stools is huge and continues to grow. Available in an array of colours, we stock all sorts of designs so you are bound to find the perfect bar stool here and at an unbeatable price.We stock bar stools finished in faux leather or constructed from ABS plastic. ABS plastic bar stools are perfect for use in the kitchen as the plastic is easy to clean and maintain. However, the faux leather bar stools look fabulous at a breakfast bar – they look smart, modern and sophisticated.Our faux leather bar stools are especially popular with customers who have a home bar in their living area or dining room. They are finished to the highest standards and by buying from World of Barstools, you really are getting more for your money.At World of Barstools, we have great working relations with our suppliers, and as we order vast quantities of stock at a time, our costs are kept to a minimum. This means that we are able to sell our bar stools at rock bottom prices. We are confident that you will not find bar stools cheaper anywhere else on the internet.We are always searching for new styles to add to our range and are excited for the new range due in soon. This new range also includes the arrival of bistro tables which look amazing with 2 or more bar stools in accompany. We are currently in talks with our suppliers to stock a range of outdoor bar stools ready for next summer.

Leather and Leather Match Explained

Leather and leather match.You will probably come across this term quite a lot while scrawlling through furniture websites.This again is another use of different materials in constructing furniture.More often than not, weather its bar stools or other furniture, a lot of companies, will use real leather on the surface or the front of the product, basically the parts of the item you sit on and touch, and then on the back and the sides of the item will either be a fabric or pvc, this is a way of keeping the price down on the product, and as the side of the bar stool does not move or stretch it will not effect the quality of the item.This is also referred to as leather look or leather fabric.At world of barstools our leather bar stools are all leather and there is no use of pvc or pu in the construction of the items.Our reputation is built on supplying trade and the public quality bar stools at the right prices, which is why we are the uk's leading supplier of bar stools.Please see our reviews on the net!

Different Types of Bar Stools Explained

Acrylic Bar Stools

Acrylic Bar Stools, are becoming ever so much more popular, the main advantage with the acrylic apart form its asthetic properties is that the fact that they are very easy to clean and wipe down, they are virtually stain proof which makes them ideal for kitchens or breakfast bars.There is also a much wider range of colours available on this market, for our customers that specify unusual colours like purple,or orange, you can also get them in transparent aswell.The majority of these stools are available in gas lift only but fixed is also available in some styles.These stools are ideal if you are going for a bit of a funky theme in your kitchen or breakfast bar, or if it just needs brightening up a bit, these stools exactly fit the bill, they can transform a boring kitchen into something quite unique.This is why many bars and restaurants will go for acrylic over any thing else as not only do they look good but also they are very manageable and difficult to damage, which is important if you have many people passing through and using them, unlike some of their cheaper plastic counterparts they are very difficult to crack or scratch due to the strong composition they are made up of, sometimes you may pay a little bit more for it, but in the long run the extra will certainly pay off.

Faux Leather Bar Stools

Faux leather bar stools.Now the thinking behind the material is in the name, most of the time faux leather is either going to be made of a strong pu composition or pvc, depending on where they are purchased.Its a material that is made and designed to look and feel exactly like the real thing, but at a fraction of the price and without all of the maintenance a leather bar stool will require.This is why they are very popular with our customers, trade and the public, they are in fact are best selling line of stools we run.Our two best selling models in the faux leather are the sorrento and the ever popular zenith bar stool, with the zenith selling over 200 units a week!Apart from the price of our products, we believe this bar stool works so well because it not only looks and feels good, but its incredibly comfortable and the chrome arms really set the faux leather off especially in the black, the traditional black and chrome work so well together, they both give the bar stool a mysterious and classy look along with being timeless item of furniture that will never go out of fashion.Faux leathers are now available in a wider variety of colours aswell, such as green, yelloworange and even pink!They only need a simple wipe down every now and then, and they dont need the time consuming upkeep like real leather stools need, such as the treating and conditioning them on an annual basis.They are virtually maintenence free and they look and feel exactly like the real thing!

ABS Bar Stools

ABS Bar Stools, are made of a strong composition plastic.Out of all the bar stools we sell ABS have the widest variety of colours available, they are also the most affordable stools we sell with prices starting at just £19.99!The pod bar stool in particular is very popular, it not only looks good but because of its many ergonomical benefits, such as the support ridge at the back of the bar stool and the support lip at the front, it is very comfortable, and sturdy, so you wont have to worry about falling of it! The crescent bar stool is another new one we have just recieved in and this also proving to be another popular line, it has quite a designer look to it and with the high back, again you will retain a comfortable sturdy feel when using it, this particular stool is also available in many colours aswell such as pink, orange, blue, green, brown, deep red and lipstick red.ABS bar stools again are very servicable and only require a wipe down with a damp cloth every now and then on the seat and the chrome pole to keep them looking as good as new, the composition they are made of again also make them very difficult to break or crack, so they are very popular with the trade aswell as the public.So far we only stock these stools in gas lift but they are due to come in shortly in a fixed type aswell.

Wooden Bar Stools

Wooden Bar Stools.When most people thionk of bar stools they think of those typical old wooden bar stools, you see in old movies or on the telly.Well that is actually not far off the mark, many wooden bar stools are still made like that.Not everyone out there wants a modern or contemporary look, especially with the older generation of people they may still want to retain that traditional look to be in keeping with the rest of their furniture, here at world of bar stools we like to stock something for everyone.Or on the flip side to that a lot of our customers want to create a retro look for maybe a bar they are doing up and wooden bar stools fit the bill.According to recent surveys we have carried out, the majority of wooden bar stools we have sold are for pubs or bars that people have in their house, rather than the breakfast bar or kitchen where most people choose to go for faux leather or ABS.For most bars people have in their homes unlike in commercial clubs or bars, i guess this reason falls down to the fact they still have the quite cosy feel and most household bars are wood aswell.Wooden bar stools are available with wooden tops, leather tops, faux leather tops and even fabric.