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Cleaning Your New Bar Stools

Posted on 17th Jul 2010 @ 4:46 PM

General Cleaning and Maintenance

In most cases for cleaning bar stools, a damp cloth will suffice, or ideally if you visit your local supermarket or hardware store they will probably have a wide range of leather cleaners and maintenance kits you can choose from. It is always important  to remember that you should never use something like soap or fairy liquid on the leather as this can potentially dry the the leather out as it would do on your skin when soap is applied.The leather should also be conditioned on an annual basis ideally after it is being cleaned.Using the wrong products can even  dry out leather and cause it to crack and split, so care should always be applied when finding the right cleaner for your bar stool.
The reasons behind conditioning your leather are to reintroduce moisture back into the hide, as over time the natural oils have been absorbed into clothes or just naturally dried out.Without conditioning the leather, over time it will probably crack and lose its lustre. You should avoid cleaners that contain petroleum products, go for products that are ph neutral, so make sure you read the label before you make your buy.
Sometimes you may even want to go a step further and actually polish your leather bar stool. Again be cautious with this aswell as some leather polishes can actually come off on your clothes, and again this could be the least of your problems as some polishes will take the top layer of hide if they contain harmful or added chemicals. In most cases, conditioning your bar stool will be enough to shine up your leather. If you do still want to polish it, pick one that uses natural ingredients and then there should be no risk in damaging the product. Now stains....the sooner you get to these the better, firstly dab each stain with a damp cloth. Be careful again not to use soap, unless of course its natural, or any kind of cleaner that is not designed for use on leather bar stools.Always try a simple damp cloth first, then if this makes no difference, purchase leather cleaner to get out the stain.Always read the instructions first, as some leather cleaners are made for particular colours only.If you always go by the instructions then you never run the risk of damaging your bar stools.