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Why Buy Black?

Posted on 15th Aug 2010 @ 3:37 PM

Black Bar Stools?Black and chrome bar stools?2 years ago ago, we could have had 100 different models and syles on sale yet all people seemed to want and buy was black bar stools.Why? Maybe because a lot more of the commercial places such as bars and restaurants often had darker settings, so maybe black suited better.Bars and restaurants a like nowadys are always trying to achieve the mood that envites privacy with low lighting and soft music.Maybe the darker stools are beter suited for these settings.......The darker bar stools can also go better in your home too. Thats one of the main advantages to buying black, the colour is neutral and will go with 99% of settings you choose to put it with, this could be another reason.Black can also be a suitable colour if you are trying to achieve that modern look at your breakfast bar, you have the black granite, white tiled floor, all the modern appliances and you just need that extra touch to finish it all off .You have to also consider the colours in an average kitchen, the appliances etc.Most of these will only come in black or white so this will certainly be another factor.

 They say that furniture in black, especially bar stools can also look more expensive, especially when you combine the black with chrome, these 2 colours give a mysterious look which make them really popular. You also don’t have the burden of changing your bar stools if  you change your décor in the future. The stools will work with any setting you put them in.
 Some of our customers also choose to combine their Black Bar Stool with a 2nd more striking colour such as red, this can give more of a a wow factor.
 The other thing with the colour black it gives off a feeling of boldness, a feeling of power a colour that never gets boring or more commonly black is considered as a timeless colour.
If the bar stool your looking for is one that gives a strong presence in your home or business, black bar stools may suit your requirements better than the alternative.You can you this colour to achieve the the strong clean and powerful look youve always desired.