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The History Of Bar Stools

Posted on 3rd Aug 2011 @ 8:19 AM

The History of Bar Stools 

It is hard to say exactly when the bar stool came into being because as long as there have been chairs, there have been stools. They have long been a popular place to sit and can be found even before the time of the ancient Greeks. 

Throughout the Roman Empire, children, servants and others would sit on stools. Originally this was a symbol of status: the more extravagant your chair, the higher you stood in society (naturally, the throne was the best chair of all), so stools were considered quite ‘lowly’. This tradition of status being reflected in chairs continued up until the 1800s, by some estimates (as this was when the Industrial Revolution started to ‘democratise’ the market and more people got access to chairs) 

However, their practical purpose has never been denied and so you can find bar stools in some of the very earliest bars and pubs. Originally these were made solely out of wood, as were most other chairs, but as technology has advanced the range of bar stools available has increased dramatically.

Now you can buy a bar stool made out of wood, plastic, metal or resin. You can find seat coverings of leather, velvet and other materials. There are bar stools with padded seats and those that have no padding. Some bar stools now have a gas lift action while others are static.  

They are also not just confined to pubs and restaurants; the advent of the ‘breakfast bar’ in domestic kitchens has led to a revival of stools in homes as well. With such a long history and an appeal that continues even today, it seems safe to say that bar stools will be around for a long time yet.