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Adjustable Height Bar Stools

Posted on 12th Aug 2011 @ 3:32 PM

Adjustable Height Bar Stools


When it comes to bar stools, there are two main varieties. There are static bar stools that don’t move in any way, unless you physically pick them up and move them elsewhere. There are also bar stools that can be adjusted by the people using them, such as bar stools that have adjustable height.


Typically, bar stools that have adjustable height tend to use a gas lift system. This is the mechanism that, when it is released, allows the stool to move upwards and, when it is depressed and weight is placed on it, the height of the chair lowers once more.


This is a similar system to the one that is used in adjustable desk chairs and they are a popular option for bar stools as it allows people to alter them to their needs as they need to. For instance, a tall person might find that they are too high up when they are sitting at the bar and so might like to reduce the height of the bar stool they are using. Similarly, a smaller person might use the adjustable height feature of bar stools to boost the level of the seat so that they can access the bar properly.


This is a feature that is useful in all sorts of situations from bar stools in pubs and restaurants, to bar stools that many people have in their kitchens at home. They allow people to have more control over their seating and, therefore, to be more comfortable when they are using it.