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Bar stool swivel mechanism

Posted on 12th Aug 2011 @ 3:33 PM

Bar Stool Swivel Mechanism


Bar stools are now available in a range of different options. You can find them made out of wood, metal and plastic, and with seats covered in velvet, leather and more. Another addition to the bar stool repertoire is the advent of the swivel mechanism, something that helps to widen the appeal of bar stools outside of the traditional pub environment.


Bar stools with a swivel mechanism are useful as they make movement much easier and more convenient; you could like this to swivel desk chairs – many people would miss them if they disappeared. The same could be said of bar stools that swivel, especially if you are looking for a seating solution in a crowded place.


They make it easier for the person using the bar stool to manoeuvre, something that is certainly useful if you are carrying on a couple of different conversations at once in the pub. The fact that they swivel also makes them useful for other situations, such as in the home. Bar stools can make a good, space-saving seating solution and are very popular in home kitchens; the swivel mechanism makes them even more versatile and ideal for all sorts of situations.


The swivel mechanism also helps bar stools to be more comfortable, as they allow you to adjust your position when you need to rather than being confined to one place because you can move your chair unless you stand up. This makes them much more convenient and a welcome addition to the ever-growing range of bar stools.