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Choosing The Perfect Bar Stool

Posted on 15th Mar 2010 @ 9:41 PM

Choosing the perfect bar stool

There are a number of factors to consider before choosing a barstool; where it will go, the decor of the room, what style and colour you want. Another important factor to consider is what the reason is for you purchasing bar stools; new kitchen, modernisation of the bar in the living room, statement furnishing. Who will be using the barstools; children, mainly adults, or the teenage kids? And obviously, how many?

All of this is important because if it’s...

...for the breakfast bar in your new kitchen – the colour needs to fit in with your colour scheme, whether it matches or is a strong contrast i.e. white kitchen units with black bar stools. The kitchen is the heart to any home and with the popularity of separate dining rooms growing, we are investing our money in bigger kitchens, but not so as we can still fit a table in, it’s so as we can fit in the new American-style fridge-freezer! Bring back socialising in the kitchen, whether it is eating breakfast together, sipping on a hot chocolate or stuffing on ice-cream, pull up a barstool at the breakfast bar.

...for the bar in your living room – the barstool has to be comfortable; the more comfortable the seat, the longer your guests will stay! Unless you are a solo at the bar, you’ll definitely need more than one barstool! Think about your social life. Is yours the house where your friends and family gather before heading out for a great meal? Just make sure there are enough barstools so as at least the ladies can take a seat at the bar.

...for a bit of fun? Make the birthday boy/girl centre of attention at their party. Sitting head and shoulders above the rest, there will be no mistaking whose special day it is! Don’t forget, barstools are specially designed to be narrow in order to have as many punters in the pub at the bar as possible, so storing it in the cupboard under the stairs won’t be a problem – in fact, you could fit more than one in there!

...to update the style in your home – make sure you choose a shape and colour that suits the room it will be living in (yes, barstools come in a wide variety of shapes and colours!). I mean, it’s not like you would choose a traditional style antique wooden bar stool (typical pub barstools) to sit in your new kitchen, the units being high gloss shine black.

Barstools are so popular at the moment, the new craze, the in-thing, and the craze is set to grow more and more with suppliers manufacturing more styles covering all genres in design. They swivel, the height is easily adjustable, they are simply brilliant. Whether it’s funky, contemporary, retro, colourful, faux leather, plastic or wooden, there is a bar stool out there for you. Just remember our pointers and you can’t go wrong.