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Benito Bar Stool A Best Seller!

Posted on 3rd Aug 2012 @ 11:03 AM

Benito bar stool - Best Seller!

Although trends may come and go in the world of interior design and decoration, there are some items that stand out as timelessly stylish and cool. Bar stools, once dismissed by some as unnecessary, have returned to our homes, bars and cafés in droves, becoming must-have pieces of furniture once again. Functional and visually appealing in equal measure, bar stools promise to be present for a long time to come.

With these items in such high demand as people purchase stools for domestic and commercial uses alike, there have never been so many designs to choose from. The Benito bar stool model by Costantino stands out from the pack, having surged its way to the top of the wish lists of many with its striking design and versatility. Available from World of Barstools at an unbeatable price of £79.99, this stunning item is ideal for many settings.

The Benito features a glistening chrome stand with a circular base, reminiscent of the bar stools of 1950s American diners, a style which holds almost universal appeal. That's not to say that this is simply a retro piece - it manages to feel modern and sleek whilst nodding knowingly to its rock 'n' roll roots. The foot rest, also chrome, is angular and contemporary, forming a rectangular shape emanating from the stand.

Up above, the seat itself sits horizontal, with a short back-rest raised at a slightly obtuse angle for maximum comfort. Curved, semi-cylindrical pads combine to form the cushioning, which is finished with excellent quality faux leather. The seat swivels 360 degrees, and the Benito packs a gas lift mechanism for easy height adjustment. This bar stool is the full package; retro, modern, cool and comfortable all in one.

Regardless of the nature in which your chosen room is decorated, this stool will fit right in and instantly add some extra 'cool' to the space. Available in a wide range of colours, it can stand out as a centrepiece or just as easily reside subtly in the background. The popular red model is vivid and eye-catching, ideal for a retro café or a funky, modern kitchen. Contrastingly, with the brown finish the Benito can be a perfect addition to a trendy, understated bar area.

It's no coincidence that this model is World of Barstools' best selling product. The combination of striking design, functionality, comfort and colour is typical of the Costantino brand, but this stool's versatility is what makes it truly exceptional. Bar owners buy the Benito to augment their seating arrangements whilst adding an attractive design element to their respective venues and homeowners buy it to give their kitchens a modern edge with the bonus of added comfort. It's applications stretch even further, in fact you can put it wherever you like and it will look the part.

Priced at £79.99, World of Barstools sell this product with great pride. As a self-assembly product, the Benito is efficiently packaged for delivery and simple to build. Colours available are cream, white, black, brown, red, orange, purple and green, so this bar stool can easily match up to any colour scheme.