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Stylish Fixed Height Bar Stools

Posted on 3rd Aug 2012 @ 11:14 AM

Stylish Fixed height bar stools

Looking back through the fashions and trends of recent decades, it's clear that the world of bar stools has evolved stylistically just as much as anything else. This is reflected in the widely varied interior design of bars, cafés and indeed homes nationwide. The amount of choice afforded to those purchasing new pieces of furniture is immense, and goes far beyond simply choosing the most functional items.

With many bar owners now keen to create relaxed and unique vibes for their customers, bar stools have returned to where they were once banished in favour of extra standing space. Possibly due in part to the influence of American television shows and movies, the social benefits of sitting at the bar are now recognised fully in the UK. Additionally, bar stools can help to create a sociable atmosphere when added to many other settings.

Coffee houses and cafés continue to be the trendiest of hangouts on every high street and Italian-style ice cream bars are beginning to pop up in many areas. Even art galleries and fashion boutiques now often incorporate small bar areas, usually with retro chic or ultra modern design features and bar stools to match. Fixed height bar stools provide any such space with a classic, stylish edge.

The options available are numerous, with World of Barstools offering a particularly extensive range of stunning designs, from the retro to the modern, the traditional to the futuristic. Many designs can even stand out in a variety of settings - take the versatile Modena Bar Stool by Costantino for example. This elegant piece is hugely popular due to its premium Italian leather finish, appealing textures and retro design with unique open back rest, and is available for just £99.99.

Classic fixed height designs such as this from the respected Costantino brand are ideal for both commercial and domestic use. Although other types of bar stool, gas lift for example, do offer certain perks, they simply cannot match the elegance, quality and versatility of this range. At home, maximum comfort is often the goal, and the Genova model at £99.99 excels in this area while retaining the range's stylish edge. With its luxurious deep seat and curved padded backrest, it's ideal for the breakfast bar.

For a more sleek, modern design, ideal for a city cocktail bar or a trendy flat, the Steffano design in red certainly looks the part. The stool's vibrant colour makes it stand out regardless of its surroundings, and it packs a visual punch that owes something to the American diners of the 1950s. Its retro chic is only enhanced by its black legs and chrome foot rests. Also available in black, cream and brown, the Steffano is available for the very reasonable sum of £39.99.

The options don't end there. In fact, World of Barstools offers some wildly different, yet still incredibly stylish options. The £89.99 Zed bar stool, available in black or white, is a startlingly futuristic design with enormous appeal, and the backless Cirocco provides a polished and classic alternative at £49.99, perfect for open spaces. Each stool in the range offers something truly unique, yet they all succeed in adding genuine charm and class to any setting.