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Posted on 3rd Aug 2012 @ 3:01 PM

World of Bar Stools

The rising fortunes of World of Bar Stools

The bar stool is an iconic piece of furniture, perhaps thanks to a string of classic Western films with saloons, barroom brawls and John Wayne. Over the last couple of decades, however, many people have had this classic image of the bar stool transplanted with images of contemporary and stylish designs that look as good in their kitchen as they do in their local night spot.

Bar stool revolution

Heading up the bar stool revolution in the UK is World of Bar Stools. The people at the heart of the business have been trading in furniture for over 30 years and are well placed to understand the difference between a fleeting fad and a long-term trend. An investment of passion and belief has helped the business to a prime position from which they now supply top quality bar stools to both the domestic and commercial market.

This combination of passion and knowledge has been instrumental in transforming World of Bar Stools from start up into market leader, but the secret to it all has actually been pretty simple. Offer a staggering range of bar stools (there's about 20,000 bar stools in the warehouse at any one time) at unbeatable prices. How are prices kept so low? One reason World of Bar Stools can price their products so competitively is the lack of a showroom, but this company doesn't just rely on rock bottom prices to keep customers happy. They also offer excellent customer service, free delivery whether you purchase one stool or a hundred and a seven-day returns policy, helping to ensure every customer can be confident that they'll be satisfied with their bar stool.

While World of Bar Stools has a large amount of stock and works with resellers and big businesses, it treats all its customers to the same great customer service. Customers looking to purchase 10 or more stools - whether for personal or commercial use - are encouraged to get in touch to discuss potential discounts. The blend of the personal touch with professional service has made World of Bar Stools a huge hit with everyone, whether they're just purchasing a couple of stools for their breakfast bar or a business owner buying in bulk.

Unrivalled choice

The other factor in World of Bar Stools rise to success? It's down to the simple fact that they offer products you simply can't get anywhere else. Whether you think of the company as catering to the niche, unorthodox or just plain bizarre, there's no denying that World of Bar Stools has been able to serve an untapped market. The Crescent Bar Stool for example, boasts a great modern design but more importantly it comes in nine dazzling colours, including vibrant yellow and lush light blue. This great range of colours available beats the usual offering of black, white or red, allowing people to really furnish their homes in a way that expresses their individuality. For bars and clubs looking to distance themselves from the drab there's no easier way than with a funky bar stool or two.

For those wanting a slightly more restrained design there are still more than enough options to give you food for thought. Customers after a more typical design will be thrilled with the Pranzo Bar Stool or Detroit Retro Bar Stool. With such a massive choice and the best prices available it really is no wonder that people on the hunt for bar stools come straight here.

With such incredible success World of Bar Stools has extended its product lines to incorporate dining chairs, bar and poseur tables and will soon begin offering bistro tables and chairs. With such a strong history and exciting plans for the future World of Bar Stools looks set to remain the top choice for anyone on the hunt for beautiful, inviting furniture.