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What Makes A Designer Stool

Posted on 4th Aug 2012 @ 11:48 AM

What makes a true designer bar stool?

Long gone are the days where bar stools were made of wood and wicker and were nothing but practical pieces of furniture favoured in public houses because of their narrowness. Modern bar stools have become an essential accessory to homes, restaurants and bars alike, adding character and indulgence to any room. With their sleek lines, their tall, delicate legs and their luxurious materials, who could resist their pure indulgence?

Many contemporary stool designs were born during the last century and have been reinvented for modern living since then, inspiring masters such as Terence Conran and Philippe Stark. A true designer stool is a real item of beauty. It will combine timeless elegance with a modern twist, and will lend any café, restaurant, bar or home, exquisite charm.

What sets apart a true designer stool? The first words that come to mind are that it should be stylish, refined and contemporary. Our Vogue bar stool is a perfect example of a striking design. With its combination of ultra-modern and minimalist lines, it comes in a wide range of colours and will add a note of sophistication to any interior, transforming it into an eye-catching space that you can show off to your friends or your clients.

The Style Bar stool provides another example of original design worthy of a true designer stool. The oval shape of its 3-piece backrest gives it a glamorous line, and its distinctive use of chrome for its leg and elegant footrest makes it the perfect enhancement to any commercial or residential bar area.

But do not dismiss the retro bar stool. It too has a claim to fame as a designer stool bar. Inspired by beloved classic designs, they were brought back to life for contemporary interiors and have proved incredibly popular.

The Detroit bar stool 
undoubtedly gets its inspiration from American diners. With its chrome rim surrounding a comfortable padded leather seat, it will transport you back to the 50s. You will find many other examples of retro style such as the simple yet beautiful Zenith bar stool or the Pavia bar stool, a modern bucket-style seat available in a range of vibrant colours.

Bar stools come in a variety of materials, from plastic to leather, steel to aluminium. The distinctive mark of a designer stool is the materials it uses. Wooden stool bars have made a resurgence over the last decade, and they are often praised for their durability, versatility and the warmth they give to a room. But it has to be said that to give a sleek, avant-garde look to your kitchen, café or restaurant, nothing can beat the composed self-assurance of chrome or aluminium allied to the rich feeling of leather. The contrast between the cool shining surface of the leg and the warm inviting comfort of the seat lends a crisp and sophisticated edge to a private kitchen as much as to an exclusive cocktail bar, which is the quality of a true designer bar stool.