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The Benefits Of Real Leather

Posted on 8th Aug 2012 @ 3:09 PM

Leather Bar Stools

If price is no factor in your purchase of bar stools, and you are quite happy to pay that little bit extra to make your home or bar look the business then leather bar stools are for you.When most people think of quality and lustre they think of leather.Well the real thing ticks both these boxes.With faux leather in comparison to real leather you still get many advantages, but not all of them, you dont get that authentic leather smell with faux leather, nor do you get all the natural characteristics like you do with real leather, such as natural scar marks, form the hide to prove this was once a living breathing thing.Leather bar stools are available in many different forms, there is nubuck which is a natural form leather, and untreated it has many similar properties to suede, but being untreated you do have some advantages such as the soft natural feel, but at the same time you do have to be a bit more careful as the material being untreated are slightly more likely to stain as they are porous and lock in the moisture.There is also semi analine, which along with nubuck and suede are the dearest of all the leathers available.The main reason for this is because with semi analine again this is another untreated leather, it is dyed only, so the manufacturers have to pick more selective parts to put on the bar stools as leather is naturally covered in many scar marks, barb wire marks, and even brand marks, which most people would rather not see.The most common type of leather used in bar stools is corrected grain, this is treated and sealed leather with the grain manufactured on the hide to make it look like the natural grain on the skin, hence its name.This leather is especilly good for busy households and commercial properties as it is difficult to stain or mark being sealed most fluids will just wipe straight off.It still will however require an annual conditioning fluid applied to it though like the other leathers, to mainly keep it looking and good, but also to lock in that traditional leather smell and keep it moisturised.