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Choosing The Right Chair For Your Living Room

Posted on 10th Jan 2013 @ 10:38 PM

Designer Lounge Chairs

When making additions to your home, you'll generally be looking for things that will appeal not only to you but your guests too, and living room chairs are no exception. Putting a home together is a process of showcasing your personality in the most impressive way possible, and the chairs that you, your family and friends sit in act as some of the most important indicators of comfort and style you need to consider.
Consider wisely
You'll certainly want to consider quality as well as appearance. A great-looking chair that falls into a state of disrepair within a year or so is not a great chair or a wise purchase. You'll also need to ensure that the chairs are a good match for the existing décor and style of the living room itself. You'll want to think about the size of the chair, the existing space available and the colour scheme that you'll want the chairs to play a role in. Your chairs will need to complement the environment around them rather than resulting in an unpleasent clash.
A unified approach
The key to ensuring that the chairs are a good fit for your space is to take measurements. You'll need to pass through your living space, so the chairs will not only have to fit well within the space available but will need to accommodate you and others as you manoever through your living space. If you already have a sofa, you'll need to ensure that the chairs are of a similar height to it to avoid an incoherent, odd and unsettling feel. The key to great homes is unity, and any differing styles should compliment each other. Many people opt for a 'sofa and sofa chair' set, meaning that there is no chance of a clash as all components have the same design. You'll also want to think deeply about the tone of your room and the level of formality or informailty involved, and whether your proposed purchases fit in with it.
Materials available
There are three main types of material that come into play when people shop for living room chairs, which are leather, fabric and microfibre. Leather is generally seen as the more sophisticated and lavish of the three, though if you have pets or small children you may wish to avoid this option and therefore any costly damage that may result, though some of the effects of wear and tear on leather, can add a rustic look that appeals to many and emphasises a timeless, antique feel. Fabric is a very diverse choice when it comes to living room chairs and can easily incorporate an infinite amount of styles and appeal to most tastes. Microfibre chairs are easy to maintain if you do run the risk of attack by small children and animals, though some say the choice of styles when it comes to such chairs is somewhat limited. In any case, shop wisely for living room chairs and the feeling of harmony and contentment within your lounge will flow freely.