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Home Bar Ideas

Posted on 9th Apr 2013 @ 3:28 PM

Home Bar Ideas

The plight of the ever-diminishing local pub has been well documented in the news over the past few years. There are almost daily reports about pub closures and action groups like CAMRA have been set up to tackle the situation. Public bars have been beset by soaring taxes, smoking bans and a shift towards social drinking at home. Despite the best efforts of many this pattern looks set to continue and the forces of economics combined with a general shift in social behaviour seem to be sounding the death knell for the bar as it used to be.

As part of this growing trend people have been looking at entertaining in their own home and how this can be best achieved. If you take a stroll through any country, or suburban locality on a sunny evening your nostrils will fill with the unmistakable (and, let's be honest, irresistible!) smell of barbeque smoke. For many the outdoor grill provides welcome opportunity for a social gathering with friends and neighbours. However, for us in the UK, this trend of back garden entertainment is limited greatly by the weather. As an alternative people have started looking inwardly at their homes and how they might change some of the less used spaces into places for entertainment.

The answer, for many, has been to create a home bar. Well, let's face it, if you can no longer go to the pub, why not take the pub to you? In recent years there is a growing trend for converting an empty space into a pub-style bar so that your guests can sit and have a drink, and some nibbles, in an area formally designed for relaxation. If you look around your own home you might be surprised at the number of places that could quite easily be converted into a bar area. Home bars are now a feature of many lounges, dining rooms, and kitchens. Even garages and garden sheds are being used as places of entertainment and work quite well when they provide easy access to a barbeque.

There are a few simple elements required for creating a home bar and there are some really clever ideas about that help to make these spaces among the most attractive in the home.
Obviously the bar itself is key. This does not need to be massive or look spectacular. If it is well combined with the other features they will do all the work. To complement this bar there are a wide variety of bar stools that you could choose from which of course can all be found right here under one roof. A bar stool like the Genova for instance would be the perfect fit for the job. Finished in real leather, it has a look that is both charming and 

Genova Bar Stool Cream

You may want to install a couple of extra features to ensure that your entertainment is flawless. As any bloke at the bar will tell you, the beers need to be kept cold. In order to ensure this is the case a chiller-cabinet is an essential feature. A good way of doing this is with a mini fridge, which by searching around you can normally pick these up relatively quite cheap. Before you invest in a fridge it is worthwhile hearing what they sound like when they are plugged in as some can be quite noisy and will ruin the general ambiance. To finish the look having an ice bucket for the counter top is also very important, for style and of course functionality.