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What Colour Bar Stool Should You Go For?

Posted on 26th Jul 2013 @ 2:22 PM

What colour bar stool should you go for?

When you’re thinking about investing in a quality bar stool, colour is obviously of the utmost importance. If you’re concerned about your barstool fitting into the room that it’s going to be placed in, then it’s important that you choose a bar stool that is going to adequately complement the existing décor and furnishings.

We stock a range of different colours and by perusing our selection you’ll see that we have pretty much every desirable colour covered. We believe in the freedom of choice and consequently we stock barstools with colours as varied as bright yellow (the Pod, the Crescent and the Bombay) to an array of pinks (the Allegro and the Duo Deluxe). We’re pretty confident you’re going to find something you like.

Colour and contrast

As stated, the colour you choose will very much be dictated by the environment the bar stool is going to be placed in. However, just because you’ve got pink wallpaper, it doesn’t mean you have to go for a pink barstool. There are plenty of colours that contrast well with each other. If you’re not sure what to pick, we recommend you take a look online at examples of rooms that you like in order to ascertain which colours you’d like to put together.

Colour and style

Of course, the other thing that may contribute towards your colour choice is the style that you’re going for. If you want something chic and classic, then perhaps a white bar stool like the Benito Bar Stool may be a good buy. Black is equally classy and if you’d rather go for black then perhaps you should consider the Casino Bar Stool. If you’re stuck between black and white then why not go for the Psyche Bar Stool in black and white to get the best of both worlds?

If the style you’re going for is a little more traditional and maybe a little bit more homely, then brown is always a good colour to go for. We stock brown, walnut and tan barstools to ensure that you have as much choice as possible. If you’re thinking that brown is your bag, then the Pranzo or Steffano could be right up your street. Prefer tan? We recommend the Firenze. If walnut’s your thing, then what could be better than the Breeze?

Colour and uniformity

It may be that you’re looking to purchase a bar stool that’s for use in a commercial setting. If that’s the case then the choice of colour is going to be absolutely key. If you’ve got four black bar stools in your establishment, it’s important to choose a stool that is going to complement the existing furniture. Therefore you may want to go for black; or if you want to really contrast this new piece with the existing pieces, then maybe white would be a good choice.

Make sure that you consider colour when you purchase a bar stool from us. It’s no good having a top quality bar stool if it doesn’t fit into the colour scheme or style that you’re going for.